Website speed performance affects your business

Nov 25, 2016, by admin

There is increased online competition for every business, Website is online identity for your business. Customer can expect more speed performance from the site when effect the site speed performance for your business. Focus to the site speed optimization you reach more quality customers and increase your traffic.

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75% of customers are unlikely to buy again from a site that lacks a speed optimized performance. customers would prefer best as everything gets faster, you cannot afford to stay still.

Business Revenue

Your site’s speed effects your business revenue, important to note that 40% of Customers will avoid your website if it loads in more than four seconds.

Mobile Website Experience

Mobile Website users expect the site to be speed so, optimize the important factors. 60% smart phone users expect a page load time is less than five seconds and if your page is fails the load time. You will need to optimize your mobile website.

User Experience

User experience , customer experience and mobile website experience are relevant to one another. User prefer better load time on your website and makes easy to navigate the pages. Web marketers use the AB testing for site experience.

Website Traffic

Page speed effects your website traffic and delay your page load time which can result in 10% decrease in page views. Now, Google focus on the site speed so your pages can load quickly and get chances to be visited again.


Conversions gets effected by your website low speed performance. One minute for loading time can affect 10% of conversion rate.

Improve Your website Speed
Test your Website speed
Measure mobile website performance
Monitor analytic for customer behavior
Reduce the heavy images and scripts

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