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iPhone 4S drives Apple to enormous earnings

Jan 25, 2012

Apple detailed takings of $46.33 billion and profits of $13.06 billion, or $13.87 per share, for the quarter ended December 31, 2011. That was up..

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Facebook sets up Messenger for Windows

Jan 24, 2012

Facebook has leveled from a small, confidential  testing of its Messenger for Windows application and released the tool up to the wider public, according to..

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Microsoft expanding Innovative method to login on

Jan 23, 2012

Software monster, Microsoft is arranging  to expand  a innovative way to log in to its tablet computers instead of ritual way of typing software. The..

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Google shutting Down Three More Services

Jan 21, 2012

Good information everyone! Google declared today that three of its web services will be shut down by mid-year. Picnik, a photo-editing company that Google obtained..

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Welcome all !

Jan 11, 2012

Hi everyone , This is first blog post from bugtreat technologies .I welcome you all on behalf of our company and i’m very glad to..

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Thanks to Mr.Derek

Jan 03, 2012

Im really thankful to one of my precious client who helped in bad times and really supported me with his word .We have built a..

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