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  • A professional-looking ecommerce site up and running in minutes.
  • Attractive Banner Full width banner Thumbnail and arrow Slider in homepage.
  • Flexible layout of dynamic content via the Liquid templating language.
  • Media assets linked to individual products or your shop as a whole.
  • New Arrivals on Homepage.
  • Complete control over your website's HTML and CSS.
  • Flexible Fully Dropdown Menu and cart.
  • Slider are added at Blogs, and Testimonials.
  • Backup all the files of your site. Do not forget always make a backup of your store before any changes! It does not matter if the changes are small or big and if they are concerns theme or not.
  • Log in to the Shopify Admin Page.
  • Click to “Online Store” -> “Themes” page.
  • Upload the Theme to your Shopify Template.
  • Click to the “Upload Theme” Button and install the template name you downloaded.
  • Online Store ->Themes -> Actions -> Publish a theme.
  • Online Store -> Themes ->Edit Code.
  • How To Add a Products In Your Theme (Local -Server): Go to Admin ->Products ->Import ->products.csv file.
  • How To Add a Menu In Your Theme (Main Menu, Footer Menu): Online Store –>Navigation ->Add Menu ->“Main-menu”. Edit Add new items.
  • How To Add a Brands In List Page (Category Menu): |->First You Create Collections. |->Then Create a Brand Menu to add Tags in Dronez Theme . i) How to Create Collections.? Products Collections -> Add Collection. ii) How to Create Brands Menu.? Navigation Add Menu Link -> Choose Collection --> Filter Collection -> Tags Name like (Brands, Colors) are add here.
  • How To Add a BLOGPosts : Online Store ->Blog Add New Blogs and Save it.
  • How To Add FOOTER BLOCK: (Pages) Online Store ->Pages ->“Create Pages”. Save and close.
  • FILES UPLOAD: (Images) Settings ->Files ->Upload Images.
  • Add Reviews Addon in Backend: Admin –> Apps -> Visit Shopify app Store -> Review Addon Install.
  • Customize Your Theme in Front End : Online Store –> Click CustomizeButton to add Front End Menus, Banners and Categories.
  • How to Add Front-End side: Front -End Sections i) Header Section -> Click Dropdown Menu To add Dronez Menu. ii) Revolution slider Section -> Image -> To click upload a Banner image. iii) List Page -> Category Section -> Enable Category -> Click Dropdown Linklist to add a Category.
  • STORE : Go to Online Store –> Click Eye Icon to View Your Dronez Store.
  • This theme have IE Browser, Firefox, Chrome Compatibility.(IE 8 to IE 10).
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100% Guaranteed

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100% secure payment

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