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Web Templates

Website design templates are set of pages with designed features and options that allow you to manage content and images of sites on your own without the need of any professionals. The commonly used codes are HTML and CSS. These templates allow anyone to create the site quickly in less time and cost. Web design templates provide basic advantages such as Ease of design change: anyone can easily design the look and appearance of site as they wish and as required. Ease of interface localization Possibility to work separately on design and code at the same time. Bugtreat technologies provide Website design templates allow the users to make their web sites easily they can add images and text to the ready made pages. They can even set their own .jpg images. Several types of page template options are provided that help to create the site instantly with all the basic functionality. Creating and designing sites through templates require no graphical or software knowledge. The step by step process will help the customers to create and design their site in an elegant manner. Website design templates are very flexible that allow the users to represent the existing content with new and refreshed appearance. Web design templates provide good reusability of sites for non-technical people. Every user wants their site to look unique and this is easily obtained by the web templates provided by us as we give large number of editing and customizing options.