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Do you Design web templates?

Yes, We design web templates and providing custom themes for your website.

How can I purchase web template?

Bugtreat site -> web store -> choose frameworks->select Templates -> purchase.

Do you provide demo for web templates before I purchase?

Yes, we provide demo for web templates. Just click Live Demo button in store page, Demo page will appear.

What Kind of frameworks you are using for web templates?

We using several frameworks such as CS Cart, Magento, Wordpress, Boonex Dolphin, Open Cart, Drupal, Abantecart, Pretashop, Shopify, Elementor.

Will you upgrade your CS cart version time to time?

Yes, we upgrade CS cart version, that it will be fast, secure & stable.

Do you offer theme updates and bug fixes?

Yes we offer free bug fixes and we will charge a nominal fee for theme version upgrades or otherwise you have an option of purchasing extend support for 1 year respectively.

How long should you take to complete a website design and development?

Initially, it take some time to know about client requirements. Our team put a plan of action, which you need to approve, if need mockups ask for changes, undergone design and development process. Finally it will get revisions.

Why should I prefer you?

We are passionate about work that our team focus on our customer requirements and also we give quality and diversity of the work.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a crucial tool to grow your business. It is very diverse and versatile.

What is SEO?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of optimizing a website to get targeted traffic by ranking in search engines.

What type of Services are you providing under Digital Marketing?

Services that we are offering under digital marketing as SEO, SEM, SMO and Affiliate Marketing.

Why do I need a website?

In this Digital world, website – highly effective marketing tool. Many business that cannot survive without website. It helps to  form a good impression on your prospective customers.

Do you Build e-commerce website?

No doubt at all. We build e-commerce website based on your requirements.

Will you show me some website developed by you?

Yes, Sure. Please have a look at portfolio page that it shows website designed by us.

Why should I go for website redesign?

Website design is extremely important that most of your customers evaluate you based on the visual website. It also must be appropriate for the company’s Business model.

Why we go for responsive website design?

Responsive design is to avoid the unnecessary resizing, scrolling, Zooming or panning. It will make your site mobile friendly and improve the way it looks on different devices. Benefits of responsive such as ease of Management, flexibility, improved user experience, cost effectiveness.

Do you Design a logo for me?

Yes, We design unique and creative logo for your brand and Product.

What kind of technologies you are using?

We using Front end technologies HTML, CSS and programming languages such as php frameworks, java and mobile app frameworks ionic, angular, native, react and flutter

Do you build Cs-Cart Mobile application for a Cs-Cart store?

Yes! We build Cs-Cart mobile application that connects your Cs-Cart store website through the Cs-cart addon.

Will it be compatible for both Android and Ios devices?

Yes! This mobile application runs stable and compatible for both Android and Ios devices.

How to purchase this Cs-Cart mobile application?

Submitting required information on contact form or by dropping a mail at

How to explore the entire feature of the Cs-Cart mobile application?

Download this Scarton Cs-cart Mobile application, available on both Play store and Appstore and explore the powerpacked features of the application

Can you customize the Cs-cart mobile application?

We can customize the mobile application according to your requirements.

Do you provide free support after purchasing the application?

Of course! We provide a free support for six months after purchasing the application.

Does this Cs-Cart mobile application can be white labelled?

Yes! You can provide your brand representations of Logo, name, etc.., on this mobile app and publish on marketplaces.

Is this app developed for B2C Cs-Cart store?

Undoubtedly! This Cs-Cart mobile application is developed for Cs-Cart B2C.

Why should I prefer this Cs-Cart mobile application?

We the team expertise on Cs-Cart Design and Development since decade can easily analyze the requirements and provide an excellent Cs-cart mobile application for your Cs-Cart store.

Will your team support me after my app get live on the app store?

Yes, we there for you to support for your regular updates, custom changes to maintain daily active users.

How does this application helps for an online restaurant?

It is a pre-built script that includes vital features required for an online
food delivery web/mobile application

Would the mobile application supports both android and Ios?

Undoubtedly! It runs smoother and stable in both Android and Ios.

Can this application be customized?

Of course! This script can be customized as per your requirements.

Do you provide updates in future?

Yes! we will provide product updates notifying via news letters until your
product support period.

Does this application can be whitelabelled?

Yes! You can provide your brand identity of name and logo in the
Web/application easily.

Would this script includes both web and mobile app?

Yes! This online food delivery script includes both web and mobile

What is Grocarto and how does it help grocery stores?

Grocarto is an on-demand online grocery delivery script helps to deliver groceries at your
customers place with the help of website as well as mobile application.

Is Grocarto expensive?

Nope! Grocarto is an affordable grocery delivery script comes with amazing UI/UX, and its
powerful admin panel helps authorized users to take full control of the application.

Can Grocarto grocery delivery script be customizable?

Undoubtedly! It can be customized as according to your business requirements.

How can I get started with Grocarto?

Of course! You can experience the demo version of the mobile application and website
available in market places, and inquire us via ‘Get a quote’.

How long does it take to get customers in to my grocery business after introducing the online grocery delivery script?

In this Digital era, you can easily attract customers via mobile app for your business. Since
it’s a grocery delivery software, we built the application with the appropriate features required
for a grocery selling shop and it will definitely helps in reaching a huge customer base.

Can I get complete help and support even after purchasing a grocery delivery app script?

Yes! You will get a free support of six months with bug and style fixes, after the successful