Scarton - a Cs-Cart addon for Mobile application.


This App Provide Stunning Features

Category or Keyword search filtering

User Registration and authentication

A contact enquiry form

Auto suggest product keywords

Category sidebar, up to 4 level drop down

Dynamic style changing

Paypal and other offline payments

Dynamic products pagination

Search auto suggestion

On the main screen/home page in the app we have a search that comes up with auto suggestion keywords to ease the user experience.


Select your preferred theme from the list of themes from the back-end and see the change on the app!..


The categories side menu let the user to find the products by category of their choice.


The cart page contains information about the products that were added to buy.

The footer cart menu tracks the number of item added to cart dynamically.

Orders and order detail

The user can see the list of orders they have made in list view and can view them in detail.

Wish list

The user can view their favourite products they have wish listed in the wish list page and can add it to the cart if they want to do.

User actions

The user can either login to their existing account or can sign up for up for one.

Each form is made with validations such as wrong password, existing email error etc…

User Dashboard

The user dashboard has quick action buttons that make users to navigate to different pages at ease.

The user can either login/logout or register.

The orders and edit profile pages are accessible only if the user is logged in.

Will your team support me after my app get live on the app store?

Yes, we there for you to support for your regular updates, custom changes to maintain daily active users.