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Jun 24, 2022, by admin

Badly! need a website that too User friendly & Manageable?


No coding Knowledge??



Don’t Worry! Get a WordPress site, customize it at the start with our developer and then manage it as per Your wish.




Wordpress development



Benefits of WordPress:


(i) Customizable

Even though there may be a lot of plug-ins available in WordPress, a developer ensures a custom plugin only fulfill the desires of the required functionality.


(ii) SEO Friendly

  1. Easy addition of relevant Permalinks.
  2. Titling & Descripting the page/post can be automated efficiently using plug-ins.
  3. Site speed can be optimized abundantly.
  4. Excellent Responsiveness.
  5. Integration of social accounts that helps search engines to index the site.


(iii) Ecommerce

WordPress also offers eCommerce stores, WordPress + Ecommerce equals ” Woocommerce ” which helps to list products effectively and enables a healthy ROI for the business.




Now! Hire a WordPress developer from Bugtreat Technologies and Kick-start your dreams…


Bugtreat Technologies provides amazing services of web design and development that may help your niche to stand unique from others.


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