Google Bard: An Exclusive Conversational Generative AI Chatbot is live

May 15, 2023

As the entire world is in hand these days because of internet facilities and technological advancements. One among them are Artificial Intelligence..

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Best online food delivery script for restaurants

Mar 27, 2023

Running up! a restaurant might be somehow hard and so is serving delicious food on time to customers , However few might..

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An Unique Web and Mobile Application for Online Food Ordering

Mar 25, 2023

It's a great deal for the restaurant owners and small business food suppliers nearby indeed...   Bugtreat Technologies have recently launched a mobile..

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News Update – ChatGPT: An Upcoming AI powered Chatbot App

Jan 30, 2023

Many of us are aware of the major Search Giant - Google which helps us to provide the relevant results based on the queries..

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Effects of ecommerce stores in 2023! Why should we need

Jan 03, 2023

Ecommerce stores are booming day by day, each and every direct seller or manufacturer and even affiliates starts an online store and sell the products..

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Selected Firms Recognize Bugtreat Technologies as one of the top

Dec 27, 2022

Bugtreat has been soaring to new heights of success. We are excited to announce that we have received recognition from a well-known..

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Build safe and secure website for your business with Bugtreat

Dec 05, 2022

Website design and development are frequent to hear nowadays, making a website is not as simple as of setting up a social..

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Hive Social: A New and Latest Social Media Alternative to

Dec 01, 2022

Start socializing your Personal or Business profile on Hive Social and reach more audience towards your Products and Services!!!       Hive Social..

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How the Blockchain Development Flip among the People and Industries?

Nov 09, 2022

Blockchain Technology is an emerging technology these days across IT industries. Blockchain is nothing but a Distributed Ledger Technology that consists of..

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Importance of QR Code Marketing for Business and Products in

Oct 13, 2022

  Do you know there is a huge advancement in digital technology nowadays and one among them is QR code marketing strategy?..

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Category Archives: Oracle

How to modify the column name in

Jul 24, 2012

This article gives steps to change name of a in a table in oracle or PL/SQL.  Steps to modify the column name in oracle  Login..

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How to install oracle 11g express edition

Jul 09, 2012

This instruction will teach people How to install oracle 11g express edition, which is a common software for program developer. 1.Open this link. 2.Choose “Accept..

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How to Create Oracle Database in Windows

Jun 20, 2012

Below are the steps engaged in manual database creation on Windows. Steps in Database creation Step 1: Decide on Your Instance Identifier (SID) Step 2:..

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How to Insert Data in Oracle Table

Jun 15, 2012

In this tutorial we will see how to insert data into oracle table using java program/application. Basics: All configuration must me done to connect java..

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