How to Track if you Lost your Android Mobile Device?

Feb 21, 2018

When your android phone is stolen, you can track the device by logging into the google account with the same gmail id..

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Download Sexy Lingerie and Women’s Underwear Store

Apr 30, 2019

As the world is emerging in all kinds of technologies, researchers care about from even a small stuff to a big product. In today’s market,..

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How not to design a Website

Jul 20, 2017

Some websites can be incredibly shoddy just based on the look by itself. Those are the ones designed with prehistoric web templates and washed off..

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Top 10 PHP Frameworks 2017

Mar 17, 2017

PHP is the most popular server side scripting language, created and designed for web development. PHP is installed on millions of web servers and websites. PHP..

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Top 13 JavaScript libraries follow in 2017

Dec 09, 2016

A lots of free JavaScript libraries are there. Some end up as discarded or forked into new activities, while others develop quickly and accomplish across..

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Create Custom Calendar Using PHP

Apr 13, 2015

Nowadays web users would like to provide online dynamic calendar. An online calendar can be used for events, upcoming product and anything else you can..

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SSL check with PHP

Apr 04, 2015

We have demonstrated the simple way to check the SSL status of server. First thing we need is to find the server SSL status with..

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