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How to downgrade to internet explorer 6

Jul 31, 2012

Although the majority of users have found the updates to Internet Explorer to be a worthwhile overhaul of features and security, some have experienced problems..

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How to view temporary internet files in

Jul 30, 2012

Have you ever seen the cache content of your browser? All types of file such as Image,CSS,Flash and PDF ,etc will be stored in the..

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Google concurs to permit ‘Do-Not-Track’ Button in

Feb 25, 2012

Google Inc. will permit a “do-not- track” button to be inserted in its Web browser, letting users control the amount of data that can be..

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Opera launched Dragonfly Web Design and Developer

Feb 16, 2012

Opera, the Norwegian browser developer, has introduced the Dragonfly web design and developer toolkit . This new product has appeared as a collection of web..

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