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Changing the cPanel username in WHM

Jul 03, 2014

Here are the steps to change the cpanel username in WHM Log in to WHM Locate Modify Account in the left hand sidebar and click on that option. This leads you..

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How to remove meta tag “generator” in

Mar 18, 2014

Hi all today we are going to see is “How to remove meta tag “generator” in Joomla 1.5” hope you all like the post On..

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PHP Object cloning using clone keyword and

Feb 17, 2014

Object cloning or clone of an object means to create a duplicate of an object. With regular variables $var1 = $var2 means that a new..

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Tips for Secure Session Management

Feb 13, 2014

In this post I’ll give you the brief description how to manage Session properly in your application and also some quick tips on managing sessions..

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Cs-cart Template Installation

Jan 20, 2014

Hi all now in this blog we are going to see step by step video tutorial  of Cs-Cart template installation from Bugtreat Technologies hope this..

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Swapping Array Keys and Values

Dec 06, 2013

If you want interchange the keys and values of an associative array. It’s very easy, just use PHP’s array_flip() function which perform a very specialized..

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