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How and Where can I find the

Mar 24, 2022

Then, hire Bugtreat Technologies team right now for your web application development and mobile app development needs as they have well experienced and highly qualified professionals who..

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Create Custom Calendar Using PHP

Apr 13, 2015

Nowadays web users would like to provide online dynamic calendar. An online calendar can be used for events, upcoming product and anything else you can..

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How to prevent gaps/holes in a MySQL

Oct 28, 2014

Generally during the MySQL database development you create tables with a Primary Key, a very simple way to create a primary key is make it..

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5 tips to prevent PHP running out

Apr 12, 2014

Tip 1 (Knowing what parts of your script is using the most memory) If you’re looking to find out where your script is running out..

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Difference between MySql drop table, truncate table,

Apr 07, 2014

DROP command is used for deleting the table and its structure from the data base.Use this command when you don’t need that table any more…

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Full-text search in MySQL

Mar 18, 2014

Normally, most of us use “SELECT * FROM table WHERE field1 LIKE ‘%$keyword%’” OR field2 LIKE ‘%$keyword%‘ ..etc” to search our table and get results…

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