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PHP Scripts for use jQuery and AJAX

Mar 20, 2012

In the following snippets of code, we will show you how to execute the use of jQuery and AJAX in your WordPress installation (typically in..

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Dolphin Social Networking php script

Mar 15, 2012

The world’s most popular open-source platform for social networking, dating and community sites . comprises video chat, groups, events, video/photo sharing, builders, status updates, IM,..

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PHP Script for .NET Compact Framework Package

Mar 10, 2012

MW6 QRCode .NET CF package has three 100% managed code libraries for Pocket PC, Windows CE and Smartphone platforms, the libraries can produce QRCode format..

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Hit counter PHP Scripts for any Html

Mar 06, 2012

A extremely easy Web Page traffic Hit counter. This FREE counter can be used in any html page with PHP support. This is free and..

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