Five Major Misconceptions Happening Among Online Marketers

Oct 01, 2014, by admin


Still many SEO guys follow out-dated online marketing tactics and think they can achieve ranking and traffic towards their websites through this web marketing approach.

Out-dated Tactics Handled by Web Marketing Guys:

1. Quantity of backlinks – Building enormous amount of backlinks (focus on quantity not quality)

2. Keyword rich content – Stuffing the keywords throughout the content which reveals to user as “Meaningless and Irrelevant

3. Focussing much on link building – Doesn’t make any sense? Not at all. Instead the website gets penalized by Google’s latest Penguin algorithm due to low quality and spammy backlinks. Better focus on social medias in a natural and meaningful way

4. Concentrating only on short term key phrases – Do you think we can rank easily for generic keywords? Inspite of you work hard for those phrases, it is very rare to attain the targeting audience

5. Website filled with more number pages – Unless otherwise the quality and relevant content not provided to the users though the website created with lots and lots of pages, that would be totally waste of time and energy