Google introduces Rich Cards Update today!

May 20, 2016, by admin


A new option can be introduced by Google where it can show the rich snippets in search results for the specific content of  business websites like food recipes, cinema ticket booking, event organizing, products, reviews, etc.

This snippet will bring the users more impressive and user-friendly too so that they can be able to find out the statistics of the appropriate stuffs in the search results itself. We call it as “structured data” or “schema markup” i.e. rich snippet format.

Just by including the following script in the coding to make it happen.

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


“@context”: ““,

“@type”: “Product”,

“name”: “Cs-cart Templates”,

“image”: “image url”,

“url”: “site url”,

“description”: “content”,


“offers”: {

“@type”: “Offer”,

“priceCurrency”: “USD”,

“price”: “119.99”,

“seller”: {

“@type”: “Bugtreat Technologies”,

“name”: “Cs-cart Templates”