GooglePlus’s best features

Nov 30, 2016, by admin

Google+ is one of the social networking site where you can connect with people via circles to drive targeted traffic. It has been few months since the launch of GooglePlus. Some  importance of Google+’s features.

Google+'s Best Features - Bugtreat Technologies

Posting Formats

Bold a word with astericks  : *BugtreatTechnologies*
Italicize with underscores    : _BugtreatTechnologies_
Strike through with hypens : -Bug-treatTechnologies

Mention Some one Person Using ‘@’ or ‘+’

Mentioned particular on your post or comments, just type the starting letter in their name preceded with “@” or “+” and you can choose the person from the suggested list.

Mention People Using ‘+’

Mention a person your post or comment but, who is not in your circle then get GooglePlus id of the person from their profile URL. To eliminate the ‘’ and preceded with a ‘+’ symbol (+102795600681887870698) to mention them in your post.

Keyboard Shortcuts

J – Next post
K – Previous post
o – Expand or collapse current post
N – Next comment on current post
P – Previous post on current post
R – Comment on current post
L – Load new posts
V – View attachments

Import Facebook Friends

Import friends from Facebook to Google plus an using for  extension Google Chrome. Check your post analytic GooglePlus Ripples shows how many public shares any particular your post. How it’s been re-shared time, and other statistics about your posts. “View Ripples” is using for visualization and details.

RSS Feed

Create an RSS feed from a Google+ page or profile Google doesn’t have an RSS feed, but there are several tools to create a RSS feed from Google+ page or profile.

To use the following tools, go to your Google+ profile and look at the URL