How Google+ involves in SEO

Feb 08, 2012, by admin

G+ involves in seoIn a world where electronic marketing channels are multiplying at such a fast rate, marketers may be excited to focus on the main ones and disregard those that have not realized critical mass. One channel that many marketers are still delighting with scepticism is Google+, the latest social media play from search giant Google.

Why should marketers even bother investing the attempt in creating and upholding a Google+ brand page, given Google’s erratic track record in social and the require of established data about the size of Google+’s user base? The glib answer is that one should probably never count out a huge like Google when it has obviously set its heart on becoming a force to be reckoned with in a new market.

Google’s latest move is the addition of Google+ into its natural search results with the service Search Plus Your World. The service attributing natural search listings alongside photos and posts from individual or brand Google+ Circles and Picasa accounts, is already live on for logged-in users and has already sparked infuriate and revelation in the market.

The Google+ user support – approximated to be between 49-million 150-million strong depending on whose stats you believe – will more than likely produce at an exponential rate, to a point that it becomes so large that no one can give to ignore it. After all, almost every user on the Internet already has a Google account, whether it is used for Gmail, YouTube, or specialised search.Google+ involves in SEO

But possibly even more highly than the raw user numbers is the fact that Google has the power and the will to ally its social networking services with other Internet services in ways that could offer a range of powerful advantages to marketers. Social looks set to become an essential part of the Google experience, starting with the search engine that has made it the most powerful company on the Internet.

Already, we are beginning to see symbols that Google will look to incorporate more and more Google+ brand page information in search results. The upshot is that brands that carefully cultivate their Google+ occurrence could enjoy a boost to their natural search results if they update content regularly and entice Google+ users to share it through the +1 mechanism.

That means connected followers on your Google+ homepage could be even more expensive for your brand than Facebook fans or Twitter followers because their +1s for your content could give your search results a boost.

This is a huge advantage. Organic search engine optimization and paid search used to be easy methods to detain online audiences in the early days. With Google+ being the new SEO there is a huge occasion for marketers to safe first-mover advantage on Google+.

They’ll build a burly place in an rising channel that will ultimately become particularly important both in its own right and as part of a multichannel policy spanning web, email, TV, video, search and social across Google’s powerful platform.