How not to design a Website

Jul 20, 2017, by admin

Some websites can be incredibly shoddy just based on the look by itself. Those are the ones designed with prehistoric web templates and washed off colour trends. Barring those there are some genuine other practices you should be cautious of before you design your website. Have a read through this article or check with our experts at bugtreat for better understanding at website designing.

1. NavigationPanel– Navigation panels have started to get a bit unorganized as a part of newer trends of web designing. However some developers tend to take a step too far and make it a bit scrappy. A shambolic navigation design can be extremely distractive and can get inconsistent. If navigating through your website becomes a chore to its users, then you might as well throw the towel. 

2. Font – Typography has become an  integral part of web designing. Some web designers don’t understand the importance of this and miss out on the hierarchy of the texts. The weight on the font can easily be missed out on an important term. It is extremely important to ensure that the website typography accurately sells your service.

3. Responsiveness – On the go web checking has become a part of life these days. Checking out a website on your phone, tablet or laptop has become very common. Maintaining the resolution of the website one any of these devices is the key. You wouldn’t want to have a site that has got skewed content when checking the site out.


My opinion, these, some tiny others, cardinal sins can cause adverse effect on websites.

Some websites can still thrive on older formats. The sites which host blogs mainly still work effectively on them format. However, they still aren’t SEO friendly and over course you may lose your website in the internet wilderness. 

Make sure you maintain your website in the current trend. A small investment made in customizing your website actually gives huge dividends on your turnover. So keep on top of your website and dont let your competitors get ahead of you. 

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