How to add url to bing search engine

Jul 31, 2012, by admin, Microsoft’s search engine, offers website owners and developers a way to add URLs so their sites show up when people use Bing to search the Internet. Bing has a program called BingBot that automatically searches the Internet and finds most pages–eventually. It may take months for BingBot to list a site. You can manually add your website to ensure it is listed on Bing as soon as your site goes online.

Steps to add url to bing search engine

1.Navigate to the page where you will submit your website address for inclusion on Bing. A link to the page can be found in the sources section of this article.

  • add-url-to-bing-search-engine-step-1You can also find the URL submission page by doing a search on for “add a URL to Bing” or a similar term. The Bing URL submission site will be among the first few sites listed.

2.Type the characters displayed below “Type the characters from the picture” into the box provided. This verifying step assures Bing you are a person submitting a website to the search engine and not a “bot” or a program that automatically submits sites.

  • add-url-to-bing-search-engine-step-2Click refresh on your web browser to bring up a new set of characters if it’s too difficult to read the characters.

3.Type in your URL under “Type the URL of your homepage.”

add-url-to-bing-search-engine-step-34.Click “Submit URL.” If you typed the characters into the verify box correctly, a page will open with two options to click: “Return to Bing” or “Submit Another URL.”

add-url-to-bing-search-engine-step-4Your website should now be listed on Bing. Type the address into the Bing search engine at to see if your URL is included.