How to Design a Professional Responsive Website Template?

Sep 06, 2022, by admin

While designing a website template or web design theme, one should consider the following factors to bring it a responsive design so that it will be a professional website template for the business.

1. Get to know the nature of a business and think of a design

2. Find the exact pattern and layout of the template how a website should look like


3. Choose the website template from the professional website templates designer that suits your business requirements


4. Apply the name, logo and other stuffs for the website template according to your business


5. Start with the basic design like header, menu, footer, etc.



6. Apply the necessary global fonts, styles, background, layout design, etc. to bring it more professional as it is viewed by the entire world


7. Think of the text content and design pattern for the homepage carefully because the homepage itself bring much visitors to a business


8. Add the necessary, relevant, important images and video clips that bring attention to the customers in the first view


9. If possible, you can add widgets like Facebook, YouTube Channel, etc. to make your business more social friendly


10. The most important part in a website design is Blog where you can gain more visitors to the business


11. Apply the payment gateway option for online transaction


12. The highest priority should be given for responsiveness i.e mobile friendly or device friendly

13. Design your contact page with clear details even from address to mobile number to email to Google Maps


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