How TO I install CS-Cart using Plesk 10.x

Nov 03, 2014, by admin

Here are some few easy steps for installing Cs-cart template using Plesk hope you all like it

To install CS-Cart under your domain, please follow the following steps :-

1) Login to Plesk 10.x control panel.

2) Click on “Subscriptions” and then Click on “Manage Hosting” in front of the domain.

3) Click on “Applications” icon.

4) Click on “All Available Application“.

5) Enter the application “CS-Cart ” in the search field.

6) Click on “Install” Button on CS-Cart to install the application.

7) Accept the “License agrement” and click on “Next“.

8) Select the domain under which you want to install the “CS-Cart “.

9) Please enter the required details with destination directory.

Note: Please make sure to define the destination directory correctly, like /folder-name, as auto installer shall overwrite if there exists any data. If you wish to install this application to the root of the domain, just mention the directory name as / and then click on “Install”.

10) Click on “Install“.

11) Now you should be able to access your application via “” please replace with your actual domain and the folder-name with the folder mentioned by you at the time of installation.

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