How to install oracle 11g express edition

Jul 09, 2012, by admin

oracle-11g-express-editionThis instruction will teach people How to install oracle 11g express edition, which is a common software for program developer.

oracle1.Open this link.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-12.Choose “Accept License Agreement” first. Download the correct file for your computer, which for windows or Linux. Save the file.

oracle-11g3.Find the file you download, decompress it, double click the “setup” button to install the Oracle.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-24.Click “next”.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-35.Choose “I accept the term in the license agreement”, then click on next.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-46.Choose the destination folder, then click next.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-57.Enter and confirm the password for database, then click next.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-68.Click on “finish”.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-79.Start Oracle Database 11G Express by clicking “Start”, then click “Oracle Database 11G Edition” then Go to Database Home Page.

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-810.Enter Username: System and enter Password : (as you entered and recorded above)

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-911.Select Administration, then select Database Users then Create User for you. Then log out

How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-10How-to-install-oracle-11g-express-edition-step-1112.Now you are able to log in back and use Oracle