How to Make Barcode Regions in the image

Apr 20, 2012, by admin

This methodological tip shows how to read the image and mark all the barcode regions, for all the recognized barcodes in the image. The barcode area is the part of the image that only contains the barcode itself. In a large image, it is possible that there are other texts or images along with the barcode. Getting the barcode region will divide the barcodes from other text/objects in the image by marking their edges or by filling with some color.

First, we will read the BarCodes in the image using the BarCode Reader. Read() method. Then, we will get the region of the barcode using BarCodeReader. Get Area () method, which will return an instance of type BarCode Region. We can then draw edges around the barcode using BarCode Area .DrawBarCodeEdges() method.