How to Select the Right Corporate Brochure Design company?

Jul 27, 2022, by admin

You may think, still the brochures are active for a business!


Do you know 80% of the people go through brochures to know more about the new business arrival in the market and 70% buy products from the brochures and catalogues itself?


Brochure design is a challenging task for a business as it bring customers to it if and only if the design would complete with the following standards,


A brochure should have:

1. Catchy Title
2. Brand Elements
3. Services and Products offered
4. Contact Details
5. Call to action button
6. Text and Image Flows
7. Videos if any



In today’s era, the visuals get more customer attention towards the business as they are understandable and memorized in their mind easily.


We, Bugtreat Technologies (a corporate brochure design company in India and UK) have excellent brochure design professionals who meet the quality design standard and clients requirements as well. Our team is always focused on ethical standards in each and every design to provide the quality and effective output.


We provide all kinds of brochure designs like


i) Single page brochure

ii) Two sided brochure

iii) Four sided brochure

iv) Catalogues, etc.


We also customize the brochure designs according to the clients requirements.


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