How To Use Google As Proxy

Mar 15, 2014, by admin

Hi all today we are going to see how can we use google as proxy here we go

google proxy

Method 1:
The first and most common way of using Google to bypass blocked sites is just to search for the site and then click the “cached” link that appears on Google. This method is simple, and frequently works for static information.

Method 2:
Passing the site through Google Translator works well as well. Here is the URL to use:|en&
(where is the site that you wish to visit)

Method 3:

search through Google Mobile. Google Mobile will “convert as you go,” which is very similiar to the translation method above.

Simply, search for your site with Google Mobile, and click on the link it provides.Once again, this will allow you to bypass any blocks because the IP request comes from Google, not from you.

Like the translation method above, Google will continue to “proxy” as you continue to visit links through the site. The only side effect of this method is that Google formats the site for a mobile device.