How to Write an Effective Blog Content for B2C campaigns?

Oct 17, 2014, by admin

We would like to share some tips on how to write an effective blog content that bring conversion and leads to Business to Consumer campaigns. It would help you to get brand awareness and gain relevant traffic towards the business.


1. Content should create a feeling of conversation between the seller and buyer.

2. It should be simple even can be easily understandable by average readers.

3. Avoid drafting blog content like a story with multiple paragraphs. Instead we can highlight them with bullet points.

4. It should be very effective if we can split the stuff with sub-headings.

5. Unique, relevant and quality pictures bring more customers.

6. Apply Bold, Italic and Underline for the most important key phrases that would like to notify the customers.

7. Make the blog content actionable like buy templates online, download website templates, call us (telephone numbers), send email to (email), etc.

8. The most important thing is to draft the headlines and blog title eye-catchy and induced the customers to buy the products.

9. Focus on trendy content.

10. Customers will always prefer more visuals like videos, images than text.

11. If possible, share info graphic on what you want to tell the customers in a graphical   representations that will impress them a lot.