Importance of QR Code Marketing for Business and Products in this Digital Era

Oct 13, 2022, by admin


Do you know there is a huge advancement in digital technology nowadays and one among them is QR code marketing strategy?


The most important concept behind the QR code technique is to avoid fake and spam users across the web. As the business grows digitally, its marketing strategies also grow with the latest technologies to block spammers.


The major factor for the development of a business is its reviews, maybe it is a product or services or business-based reviews. To make a black mark for the business, the competitors would play a role in the fake name and put negative comments towards one’s business/brand/products/services. This will impact the revenue of one’s business and hence QR code helps in this case.



As smartphone usage increases worldwide, customers make transactions digitally, thus QR code would be a good idea for a business to get genuine reviews, online sales and even increase the conversion rate. One can scan the QR code with his / her phone only to make the transactions where they will be tracked with their SIM and phone numbers easily in case of any criminal offence.


Even many industries use QR code marketing with the help of QR code generators these days to promote their products and services. Upon the scan of QR code only, one can enter the relevant page that he/she looked for to complete a digital transaction. If you require QR code marketing for your business, products, and services, feel free to contact Bugtreat support team at and we help you to advertise your products online without any spam.