Internet Explorer 11 On Windows 7

Nov 08, 2013, by admin

Internet explorer is an default web browser comes with windows os once upon a time the internet explorer plays a lead role in browsers after the arrival of chrome and firefox it lost its space many people turned their eyes toward the chrome and firefox and Microsoft is fighting to get the place which it lost .Microsoft previously launched a number of beta versions and always said that IE11 would arrive on its older operating system shortly after the launch of Windows 8.1, so today’s launch isn’t exactly a major surprise.

Microsoft says this new version is about 30 percent faster than its nearest competitive browser on Windows 7 and in terms of raw JavaScript performance, it’s 9 percent faster than IE10. Microsoft is also highlighting IE11′s security features. According to a study by NSS Labs, IE blocks 99 percent of socially engineered malware, while Chrome only blocks 70 percent and Firefox and Safari block 4 percent. The numbers for phishing attacks are similar, with IE blocking 92 percent, Chrome 71 percent, and Safari and Firefox around 35 percent. Those numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, of course.

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