Microsoft has planning to introduce tablets

Feb 13, 2012, by admin

Microsoft tabletMicrosoft has planning to introduce tablets  for the next generation of its operating system.

The software monster plans to introduce a flavor of Windows 8 on ARM chips at the similar time it introduces one for the so-called x86 chips that power conventional PCs. That was an open question ever since Microsoft previewed Windows 8 in September. And it’s important because the ARM version of the new operating system will be the one that authority a lot of of the tablets that Microsoft hopes will compete with Apple’s industry-leading iPads.

In a blog post, Windows President Steven Sinofsky said “our collective goal is for PC makers to ship [Windows on ARM devices] the same time” as more conservative Windows PCs debut. Sinofsky did not disclose the target launch date, though most analysts anticipate the new operating system to appear before the end of this year, and perhaps in time for the back-to-school sales season at the end of summer.