Microsoft “Office Blog” Has Been Hacked By Sea

Jan 21, 2014, by admin

After compromising Microsoft social accounts, and one of its blogs, the group today defaced the company’s Office Blog, directly following a redesign of the property.

As The Verge notes, the Syrian Electronic Army had previously promised continued embarrassing shenanigans. Neowin published an image of the defaced blog, as did The Verge. The site has since been at least partially retracted.

The group’s official Twitter account acknowledged the attack with screenshots of the administration panel for the Office blog, before taunting Microsoft that “changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about that.”


The latest attack comes just days after Microsoft revealed that Syrian Electronic Army hackers were able to access a “small number” of employee email accounts. Some details of internal conversations were posted at the same time Microsoft’s official news blog and Twitter account were compromised earlier this month. The Syrian Electronic Army also attacked the official Xbox support Twitter account, while the group managed to gain access to the official Skype blog and Twitter account on January 1st. The series of attacks are an embarrassing and painful reminder of how accounts can be compromised due to simple email phishing.

For now, Microsoft needs to clean house: This sort of excursion is embarrassing for a company that sells security products, and secured services to companies around the world that depend on their vendors to have their own digital houses in order