Optimizing your Website for Google’s Mobile Index

Nov 23, 2016, by admin

Now, Google’s changing to crawl the web page from desktop browser to mobile browser. Google has started the mobile version of web page as their search engine index. A search engine index is all about a collection of web pages that it has discovered, primarily through crawling the web page through links.

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5 Steps to optimize mobile index on your Website..

1. Speed

Google looks for website performance, users expect websites to load fast, and so does Google. Make your website load fast and essential to ranking on mobile. Few things are concentrate when optimizing your website.

Image Optimization:

Optimizing the images to be right size helps in quick loading. Large images are load to slow your website.

Minify Code:
Minify code is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code.

Avoid Page Redirects:
Many page redirects links can cause the site to reload and load to slow experience.

Browser Caching:
To leverage your browser’s caching generally stores web page resource files on local computer.

2. Don’t block CSS, JavaScript and Images

In the early era of mobile website design, blocking these elements was more helpful. The smart phones ‘Google Bot‘ can also handle them and will be able to understand and categorize the same content that users do. So make sure that you don’t hide them.

3. Mobile Website Design

Mobile users continue to increase world wide, desktop users are transformed to mobile users. SEO has really transition from a technical skill to an art. Today’s SEO has to know and understand more than just code and ranking signals for SERP’s.

Avoid using Flash
Avoid pop-ups
Design for the adapt your Fingers

4. On Page Optimization

Mobile SERPS (search engine results pages), you have to focus the on-page factors. So make sure that you keep your titles and descriptions concise and to the point and improve the rank which will help the ‘Google Bot’ in crawling your site more effectively.

5. Local Search Optimization

Local search holds a important place in online business and traffic generation. A Majority of amount users who prominently use local search business is from mobiles. So, mobile traffic holds a major percentage of online traffic comparatively desktop and tablet users.

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