React Native vs Flutter: Would dominance befall?

Sep 06, 2023, by admin

React native by Facebook and Flutter by Google in different periods mark their footprints in the App Development era. Days might be pacing up, but millions of mobile applications are taking force towards the market and lots of tech-savvy people are approaching the enterprises to provide their valuable service helping their business growth. Moreover, frameworks are not being out in the game to help tech people to easier their work easier by providing extensive libraries and efficient code usage.


React native vs Flutter


React Native helps in developing the User interface of the mobile application, whereas Flutter is a dynamic framework that confronts back-end complications too, being a single code base and open source it gives effortless mobile app customization and development. Flutter uses Java script bridges to connect directly with the native modules, resulting in High performance than React native development. On the other hand, React native has impeccable flexibility to integrate native modules written in Java, Objective-C, Swift, etc. or access any platform-specific features that are not available in React native libraries, making it easier and quicker in development over Flutter.



The ‘Hot reload’ feature is present in both frameworks and helps in fast development, allowing Flutter or React native developers to verify their changes instantly on screens, resulting in the eradication of testing and iterations. Since Javascript is familiar and practised so far, we can easily adopt the React native in the code instead of starting from scratch with Dart(Flutter).


Considering the ages, react native has a stronger community presence than Flutter, providing valuable suggestions and Plugin contributions on public forums. Finally, as per everyone’s advice on choosing a framework, it totally depends upon the nature of the mobile application likely to be built.


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