Revamp your Grocery Delivery business with Grocarto App Script

Apr 09, 2024, by admin

In order to revamp your Grocery Delivery business with the specific app script, you’ll want to ensure that the app meets the needs of both your customers and your business operations efficiently. Bugtreat Technologies has launched the relevant app script named “GROCARTO” – a complete online grocery ordering & delivery app script built for supermarkets, grocery merchant stores, grocery business shops, departmental stores, etc. would surely meet the customer’s and business owner’s needs.


You can utilize the features offered by the Grocarto App Script:

a) Customize the app according to your business requirements
b) Key features may include user registration and login, browsing and searching for groceries, adding items to the cart, secure payment gateway integration, real-time order tracking, push notifications for order updates, etc.
c) Intuitive and user-friendly interface
d) Customize the app with your brand logo, colours and theme
e) Personalize the user experience to reflect your brand identity
f) You can add unique features or functionalities to differentiate from competitors
g) Test the app on various devices and operating systems
h) Ensure smooth performance and responsiveness

So, what are you still waiting for?

Download the GROCARTO app script right now on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and revamp your online grocery ordering cum delivery business to a skyrocketing level. For further clarifications and to know more about our core mobile app products, kindly visit