Top 10 Checklist on how to Promote an Event via Online and Offline

Nov 28, 2014, by admin

promoSuppose, if you’re going to conduct a special event in the next days regarding either new service / products launch, then how can you convey this to public and how will you reach it to targeting audience within a short span of time. Here below, I have listed out the possible methods on how to let audience know the event.

Through Online:

1. Create a banner or flyer advertisement or light box popup window at the start of homepage that should highlight the event. Post the event information including the importance of event, why should attend, what is unique, etc. with complete details in a separate page

2. Update the event in official blog and promote the same in social bookmarking and networking sites

3. Register event in Facebook and do share it with your friends and if possible, advertise it in Facebook ads and Google Adwords will bring more attendees

4. Distribute the event news in Press Release sites

5. Participate in relevant niche forum and share the event in local classified websites

6. Hash Tag (#) plays major role in social community as it pass information to the relevant group members in a single click

7. Create buzz, presentations and viral videos that will make branding and bring customers towards the business

8. Conduct some contest and offer tickets to event that will impress more

9. Share the event to existing and new customers via newsletters and email marketing strategies

10. Whatsapp and SMS marketing is the latest technique used in marketing as more number of users browse websites through Smartphone’s

Through Offline:

1. Advertise in Local Radio Stations and in FM Radio

2. Newspaper

3. Local TV Channels

4. Brochure Distribution

5. Post Notices

6. Sign Board Display at Major Crowded Places

7. Roadshow Advertising

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