Unveil the Excellence of Cross Platform with React Native Development

Jun 14, 2023, by admin

Tech Businesses are growing drastically, new languages and frameworks confronts AI with their vast customization and development ideas. In this tech era, are you still confused with cross platform development and Native app development, then its up to your investment and needs.



A Cross platform application is economical and quicker in development compared to native development. It adapts with various Back end technologies and solemnly provides best mobile application for your business.


Why react native development?


React native is an open source framework to accomplish both Android and Ios mobile application development. It’s component based architecture lets you build or customize the desired user interface with the help of modifying existing power packed libraries, nevertheless complicated modifications weren’t possible with existing libraries, so third party libraries can be introduced to achieve them. Moreover it comes with a hot reloading, where you could stream the code in an emulator and watch the reflection of codes in the application within short time.


Hire a React native developer


We, the Bugtreat technologies, developed numerous cross platform mobile applications, that are quite responsive and quicker in rendering. We expertise on react native, recently built a stunning product named Foodzat, basically an online food delivery script works on both Android and Ios devices without hassle.


React native development

Bugtreat technologies offers React native development services, would be best suited for your mobile application expectations. We are familiar with manipulation on databases of Mongo Db, Sqllite and Mysql and savvy on backend technologies of Python development, Node js development and Laravel.


hire a react developer

Awaiting! To hire a react native developer.


Hire us! at a nominal monthly pay, As we are a capable and compatible mobile app development service provider, could establish a solid base for your project’s success and guarantees that you have the right choice to bring your vision to life.


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