Web apps vs Native Mobile apps

Mar 27, 2015, by admin


Today’s hot topic in the internet industry and mostly spoken by everyone are web based applications and mobile applications. Let’s see how both differs from each other in its features.

S. No Features Web Apps Native Apps
1 Platform Applications are developed using Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 Develop using iOS – Objective C, Android – Java, Windows Mobile – C++, etc.
2 Internet Connection Stability is not needed to run app Must have stable connection to run app
3 Software Flexibility Customize according to our needs Pre-installed and even can’t remove from the device itself
4 Memory Space Not much occupied Occupied more if it is a lower version device and can’t able to run other apps
5 Compatibility Yes, they depend only on browsers No, because some of the android apps does not support iPhone
6 App marketing We can enter into the market easily It should get approved on App Store or App Marketplace
7 Dependability Browsers Device only
8 Quality Assurance 99.99% 100% as they’re approved by app stores and marketplace
9 Development Cost Low High
10 Portability Yes No