7 ways to increase website traffic in 2017

Dec 16, 2016, by admin

Website is online identity for your business. These days, you have to rely on the internet to grow your business. Increasing traffic is important for your website. More visitors on your website can get more sales. Now a day’s more competition for the eCommerce business. You have to understand the target audience in order to increase traffic to your

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Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile users continue to increase worldwide; desktop users are transformed to mobile users. More peoples are using their mobile device to browse the web. Your website only looks great on a desktop, if you lose your website traffic. Mobile users will leave your website and look somewhere else. So, you create responsive website design.

Quality Content

Content marketing is important way to increase website traffic. Write a quality content for your blogs and share your contents to social media and bookmarking sites get more referral traffic for your website. To reach as many customers through quality content.

Focus SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a best way to increase traffic to your website. Optimizing your website Meta tags, Keywords and SEO friendly url structure. If you get first page on the search engines like Google & Bing will benefit your website for long term. SEO strategy is a free traffic to your website for a long time.

Website Speed Performance

Page speed affects your website traffic and delays your page load time which can result in 10% decrease in page views. Now, Google focus on the site speed so your pages can load quickly and get chances to be visited again. Focus to optimizing website speed performance.

Paid Search Advertising

Search engine marketing is a great way to increase traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. PPC advertising can help build your online branding while getting your website in front of online users. Spending more money get more traffic on PPC advertising model.

Social Media

Social media is the best way to increase website traffic, sales and brand awareness. Sharing your content on social media and you get more traffic. Join groups like Face book and Google plus related to your target audience on social networking sites and begin interacting with the group. This will help increase your followers and drive traffic to your website.

Video Creation and Marketing

Video marketing has become a more popular way for reach your potential customer. Video creation and distributing across social media channels is another way to increase traffic to your website. Best method on branding for your business.

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