Google Bard: An Exclusive Conversational Generative AI Chatbot is live across India

May 15, 2023, by admin

As the entire world is in hand these days because of internet facilities and technological advancements. One among them are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Moreover, these technologies are becoming the major course in most of the reputed Colleges and institutions in India as the trend moves on to this niche

Few months back, we came across an AI Chatbot named ChatGPT announced by Microsoft that answered the customers queries with lots of options in a short interval. In this case, Google is not an exception. The major search giant Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked in a meeting earlier that they will deliver such an AI Chatbot with most advanced search-friendly features in the very next months. As promised, they launched a new AI Chatbot product named “GOOGLE BARD” developed under PaLM 2 platform which is built by Google’s new Large Language Model (LLM). Initially, they launched it in the USA only and now it enters around 180 countries across the globe.



As the artificial intelligence demand increases day by day, this new concept hopefully merged with people and fulfilled their needs, said Google CEO. Let’s see how it works…

1. Login to
2. Try New
3. Accept and agree the rules
4. Start and post your queries
5. Find the relevant results with large conversations


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