How to apply Custom Plugin and Extension for your business website?

Apr 09, 2022, by admin

As far as today’s technology is concerned, everything becomes easier! You can install Bugtreat’s Website Plugins or Addons or Extensions and build your website with additional features without the need of a programmer or developer.


Bugtreat Technologies is a custom website plugin development company in India and UK developed variety of website addons, website plugins & scripts and website extension tools enables you to include them in your business site to display with additional and advanced features at low cost.



The best and top selling website addons, plugins and extensions among them are Mygate Gateway and Blog Addons.


1) Mygate Gateway is a payment gateway addon that helps you to install the online money transaction feature in your website easily.


2) Blog addon helps you to create a blog platform like wordpress blog so that you can post the data regularly at the back end.


In fact, the plugins and addon installation help the customers who aim to design and develop their business website with low budget as they are available at Bugtreat Technologies for a few dollars only. You can install them once and if you edit or update in the back end, the changes will get reflected in the website itself.


To buy or download website extensions or website plugins or website add-ons, please feel free to contact